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Football Helmet Reconditioning

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When should helmets be reconditioned?

At the end of the football season, teams across the USA send their helmets to National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association (NAERA) licensed facilities. NAERA suggests reconditioning helmets every 2 years, but helmet manufacturers suggest them every year.

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On the gridiron, safety is paramount, and football helmets need proper reconditioning for optimal performance. Throughout the season, helmets endure practice, games, sweat, hits, damage, and wear and tear. Reconditioning helmets is a process to ensure helmets are in the best playing condition possible.

What is reconditioning?

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Reconditioning prolongs the life of the helmet and helps to ensure that players are hitting the field in clean, sanitized, repaired, and recertified equipment. It starts with removing facemasks and all interior parts, cleaning, sanitizing, recertification, and reassembly. Helmets undergo multiple, thorough inspections, many times during the process, including interior parts testing and meticulous shell inspections for cracks and defects. Any helmets that fail these inspections are rejected and are deemed unsafe for play. 

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